m/s cosmos captain

Our Captain Kostas Kontogiannis - Age: 35

Captain Kostas was born in Greece in 1984, and holds licenses both for sailing and motor yachts since 2002. Moreover, he holds a diploma in naval architecture and marine engineering and has extensive experience in yacht management and operation. The combination of his highly educated theoretical background and practical expertise along with his courteous attitude, make him the ideal captain that will be able to fulfil all guests’ requirements.  

As a passionate professional with an experience of more than 15 years in sailing around Greece, he will work hard to ensure that your voyage will be memorable and safe, you will see places of unique beauty and you will leave with memories that will last you a lifetime.

Our Chef Nikos Tsakalos - Age 35

Chef Nikos is a charismatic and creative professional , specialized in Greek Cuisine with a modern twist, who puts his talent and passion in the service of his clients.

His mouthwatering dishes are inspired from the Greek traditional recipes, but always carrying an unconventional touch and will be easily classified as fusion innovative cuisine. His guests will always be sure to get a 5*star culinary experience, with excellent plate presentation and memorable taste. Be sure to tell him your needs , and he will make sure to deliver his best to awe your palate, always taking into consideration any dietary requests or restrictions.

chef m/s cosmos
hostess m/s cosmos

Our Hostess Diana Gardner - Age 23 (although we never mention ladies' age)

Diana is an enthusiastic, young, hard working professional with small experience in working on luxury yachts. She is probably the most valuable member of our Crew, as she makes herself always available for the guests, always smiling and full of energy, always ready to help.  She speaks impeccable English and Russian, being an American citizen with Russian origins. 

She is organised and meticulous providing a nice warm environment in which you feel at home.

Our First Mate Cpt Ilias Marinelis - Age 54

Cpt Ilias is our veteran and definitely the perfect addition to our small and enthusiastic team. With his great experience and seawolf aura he will always be there to assist you in your daily sea endeavours and ensure that every small detail is in place.

Being an officer in yachts up to 70m long for more than 30 years and having sailed in Greece for almost all his life, he will ensure that you will always sail in comfort, ease and safety.

cosmos first mate